Bridal Makeup

Weddings are often times the most photographed days of our lives yet oftentimes, makeup is left to complete strangers. The most intimate detail of our wedding, our makeup, requires extensive care and impeccable attentional to detail. If your makeup doesn’t suite you or make you feel your most beautiful, this will be seen in photographs for years to come. You’ll never forget how you felt on this momentous day.

Additionally, bridal makeup must photograph, withstand the rigors of the wedding day, and appear natural and glowing to guests. This high order, therein is the art of makeup and the core of what drives me as an artist. If you decide to book my services, you will have the chance to complete an extensive beauty questionnaire that will help me better understand you, your wedding vision, so that you can rest assured your beauty needs will be taken care on a busy, stressful, and monumental day in your life.

I would be honored to work with you and bring your bridal beauty visions to life!