Dear Setareh,

I’ve been seeing your posts on Instagram lately and have taken a special interest in your make-up work because I am getting married this July.  I know you are in Germany but I wanted to ask you a few questions about your make-up work and what I should do for my wedding…  and really just any tips or advice you could give me as to where to start!  Would be great!

1) Do you have any recommendations on how to find a makeup artist.

Although I am not in your area, I’d say follow hashtags like #CITYmua or #muaCITY #STATEmua #makeupartistSTATE (you get the idea) — I would follow MUAs to see if you like their style…see if you like their consistency and “story” — after all, makeup is really personal and in my opinion, sets the tone for the entire wedding along with the dress. I would do the same for hair (unless you have a stylist already).

As far as price, it totally varies. Prices may be lower or higher depending on which state you live in. I would say, expect to pay anywhere between $65 (lower end) and up. Since I do SO much research and sometimes, extra kit stocking, my bridal makeup is generally more than my basic makeup.

There’s lot of “freelancers” out there that aren’t charging that much, and unfortunately, they are probably buying their makeup in kits from Amazon, full of ingredients that aren’t so good. They are also probably using a cream foundation, which, if not used properly (or if cheaply made) results in the “cakey” effect, the “line”, and well, breakouts. Remember, you get what you pay for.

But if you find an up and comer from Instagram, check out what kinds of products they use and/or their makeup style, you may be able to hire a fantastic one for a lower price (that’s why a trial run is a good idea — not just makeup but also personality).

​​2) If only myself and my mom were going to get their make up done would a makeup artist be willing to come and do it?  How much should I expect to pay for that?

Yes! Any really good MUA should be willing and able to travel to you. I do charge a travel fee but not if it’s in the city where I live. I do charge early start fees (>9am) and Holiday Fees. Keep that in mind. I would definitely budget for a trial (normally recommend on engagement photo or bridal preview days). Sometimes, MUAs want to work in certain venues or with certain photographers and will be willing to negotiate a better price if you request it…feel it out 🙂

3) I have very sensitive skin and know that some make up photographs better than others do you have any tips or advice on what make-up to use specifically.

I personally use Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation for most of my clients and can say that every. single. client. loves has loved how it felt on their skin (like they are not wearing makeup). It photographs amazing… but keep in mind that I do set it and use concealers (which is therein the art), but that varies by client as to which products I use.

If your MUA doesn’t ask you about your skin type, possible allergies, etc. I would run the other direction. I personally learn as much about my clients as possible! I use totally different types of products for my sensitive, oily, dry skinned beauties.. I would be really specific though in this area. Remember, less is more — and you probably want to run the other way if the MUA is too faddish or unnatural. I’ve worked on building my reputation as a “natural” makeup artist because I like to keep the integrity of my client’s personality, but unfortunately, lots of MUAs apply whatever fads to the client or makeup that looks good on them and not their client.

4)  Just anything you are willing to share!

I wouldn’t change your skincare regime at all before the big day, serums are great for glowy skin and masks on Sunday (stuff like that) but the MUA should work around YOU.

Lastly, I guest blogged specifically geared towards brides and colors and how to hire a MUA. Maybe there’s some useful knowledge nuggets in here!

Good luck and congratulations!

Be Beautiful,